What if there was no playoff? It’s a question that has haunted the NFC West for years, but is the conference finally ready for a new format?

What if the playoffs were eliminated, the NFC South was relegated to a new division, and the conference championship game was played in an arena in St. Louis?

That’s exactly what happened in 2012, when the NFC North won its first division title since 1994.

The NFL took some major steps toward the playoffs in 2017, but the conference was stuck in a rut and hasn’t recovered.

After all, the divisional winners of 2016 and 2017 were the Carolina Panthers, the Arizona Cardinals, the Denver Broncos, the Green Bay Packers, and, yes, the Minnesota Vikings.

The NFC South went from having a perfect record in 2016 to having the worst record in the league.

The AFC South, meanwhile, went from finishing first to finishing last in the last three seasons.

That’s because the conference’s two divisions were created in separate conferences that are separate leagues, and thus don’t share the same playoff format.

In 2016, the teams in the NFC East, NFC West, and NFC North were split into two divisions, while in 2017 they were split again.

The first division was the NFC Central, which consisted of the teams that made the playoffs and were the NFC Champions.

The second division was split into the NFC Western, which was comprised of the NFC Super Bowl winners and the NFC Playoff teams, and then into the AFC South and AFC North.

The two conferences weren’t separated in the first division, so the teams on the field in those divisions would be able to play in their respective divisions.

But because the division divisions are different, teams in each division would be expected to play each other, making it hard to get a game scheduled in a given week.

The NFL didn’t do a great job of keeping the teams evenly matched in the conferences, and it was difficult to schedule games in both conferences.

That led to the divisions not playing each other.

The teams that were expected to make the playoffs ended up in the same conference and were stuck in the exact same division for the entire season.

The result: A season that was essentially an exercise in futility, one that was far from exciting for the NFL, which had to play through the postseason with one more division championship than it had in years.

This is the second season in a row that the league is faced with the problem of trying to find a way to get teams evenly distributed in the division, but it’s far from an easy problem to solve.

Teams are expected to be as evenly distributed as possible, but there’s always the chance that some teams will be lucky enough to end up in a division that’s close enough to be in the playoffs, or maybe even one that’s not close enough.

The conference championship games are now staged in stadiums across the league, and in 2018, the league announced that the games will take place at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.

In addition, teams will now have a week to prepare for their first two games against each other and their first three games against the division’s playoff teams.

The league also announced that it will allow fans to watch the conference finals on NFL Network, which will be streamed in English and Spanish.

The final playoff game will be played on January 13.

While the league has announced that there will be two more divisional championships this year, it’s important to remember that this is a league that has only played five playoff games since 2004.

The league has only finished a full season once, in 2012.

If the league wanted to have more flexibility to schedule the postseason and schedule games against other divisions, the conference could have moved the championship games to a different time slot and made it more competitive, but that would have created a bigger risk for the league and for the teams involved.

That said, the idea of moving the conference championships to a larger time slot could still be beneficial, if the NFL decides to do it.

The playoff format has been in place for years because the league wants to keep the teams from playing each others.

So scheduling the games against teams from other divisions would give teams more options and give the league more flexibility in how it runs its games.


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