A Queensland man has been hospitalised after he developed a severe case of coronavirus, the first time the virus has been found in his family.

Key points:Dr Tim Wilson has been on the run since the weekendMr Wilson, 40, has been charged with the aggravated assault of his fatherDr Wilson has not yet been chargedDr Wilson was on the loose since Friday afternoon, when his father was reported missing.

The family’s home in Goulburn was searched, and Mr Wilson’s car was found abandoned at the side of the road in a cul-de-sac.

Dr Wilson had been on a “voluntary” leave from work and had been out of the country for more than two weeks, according to his father.

“It is not a situation we are comfortable dealing with,” Queensland police spokeswoman Lisa Molloy said.

“This was a very difficult time for the family.”

Mr Wilson is not believed to have been in Australia for at least four weeks.

“The family has been informed of this,” Ms Molloys said.

A police spokesman said police had received a tip-off about the possible involvement of Mr Wilson, but he had not yet travelled to Australia.

“He’s been in the country, he’s been on voluntary leave, he was on a voluntary leave of absence,” Detective Senior Sergeant Nick McBride said.

Mr Wilson’s wife, who was not present in court on Thursday, told the court she was “absolutely devastated” and would be “devastated” if he returned.

“I’m devastated.

I’ve been so worried about him,” she said.

Police had not previously revealed the location of the family’s house, but a neighbour said it was near the property where they were staying.

“They’ve been living there since they moved in there about two weeks ago, and it’s been the same family for quite a while,” he said.

In court on Friday, Detective Senior Constable McBride explained that Mr Wilson was “not on the streets” and had no previous convictions.

“We don’t know what his intentions were,” he told the courts.

“But he did do a lot of damage to his property and the family has spent quite a bit of time dealing with the damage.”‘

He was a nice guy’Police said Mr Wilson had a “very clean criminal record” and that the family was “truly devastated”.

“It’s a very sad situation for them, but they’re doing very well,” Detective Sergeant McBride told reporters.

He said Mr Hamilton had not been in contact with the family since Friday morning.

“A lot of people would want to be there for their loved ones and for their privacy, and he was a kind and loving person,” he added.

Police said they were treating the case as an aggravated assault.


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