The video clip shows a patient getting an MRI scan, a scan which reveals an old, cracked piece of cassette.

The patient’s blood pressure drops dramatically, his eyesight is impaired, and he loses consciousness.

What does this all mean?

There are two reasons why cassette fever can be fatal.

First, the condition is characterized by anemia, a condition that can lead to death if left untreated.

If untreated, anemia can lead the body to make protein in the blood that can cause severe damage to the heart and other organs.

It’s the same type of protein that causes Alzheimer’s disease.

In a case like this, the patient might not have a high enough level of anemia to have a serious reaction, which could lead to a coma.

Second, the cassette fever symptoms can be very specific.

A patient with a high level of symptoms may not have symptoms that resemble those of other types of cassette fever, which can be caused by a different protein or by other viruses, like coronavirus.

When you have symptoms like cassette fever and other cassette fever types, it’s very important that you seek medical attention immediately.

To get a diagnosis of cassette, the health care provider needs to take blood tests and a CT scan of the patient’s lungs and other areas of the body.

If there’s no clear-cut cause for the cassette problem, there’s a good chance that the cassette virus may have caused the patient to have symptoms in the first place.

So, what to do in a case of cassette?

First, get a doctor to get an MRI to see if the patient has the cassette type of virus.

The more symptoms the doctor can identify, the better the chances of a diagnosis.

Then, your health care team will get you a CT scanner that can measure the cassette fluid.

You can then send your patient a prescription for a medicine called an albumin solution, which is an anticoagulant that reduces the amount of the virus in the fluid.

The medicine should be taken within two to four hours of your patient having symptoms.

The albumin also has anti-viral properties that can help speed up the process of finding the virus.

A third way to treat cassette fever is to give the patient a shot of the anticoags that are given for viral hemorrhagic fever.

If the person takes the medicine within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms, it may be safe to give him or her a shot again.

The dose may be different for different types of cassettes, but it’s usually not too high.

If a person has symptoms that are similar to cassette fever in both hemolytic and nonhemolytic types, the doctor will treat that type of cassette by giving him or she a shot.

That shot should not be given if the person has not tested positive for cassette fever.

This is because the virus does not affect a normal person’s normal functioning of the blood vessels.

If this is the case, then the doctor should use the anticonvulsant medicine, methotrexate, to treat the person.

In cases of nonhemodytic cassette fever (which is a type of cassette virus that is rare and usually causes mild symptoms), the person should be given a dose of the medication for a few days.

In these cases, the medication should be administered only after the person’s symptoms are gone.

This means that the person can get a blood test and then be given the drug as soon as possible.

You’ll want to follow these steps carefully, because it’s not always clear whether or not the cassette infection is the cause of symptoms in people who are infected with the virus before they have symptoms of cassette infection.

This article was originally published in The Globe and Mail on March 3, 2017.

Follow the links below to read more about cassette fever from The Globe’s coverage of coronaviruses.

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