A new curriculum guide for college students in the fall semester of 2018 will teach students about “American Idol” and “American History” history in the classroom.

The guide, titled “America’s Great Tragedy,” is being created by the College of Education, which is part of the Trump administration’s push to improve the college experience.

The program was introduced in March by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and the National Governors Association.

The American Federation for Children (AFC) and the College Republicans Association (CRAA) created the curriculum guide in collaboration with the College and Universities for a Responsible Education.

The AFC and CRAA are not affiliated with the Trump White House.

The AP and the AP News Agency did not respond to requests for comment.

“The mission of this program is to make learning fun, accessible, and engaging for students of all ages and backgrounds,” DeVos wrote in a statement.

“By sharing the history of America with students through our curriculum, we will ensure that they can understand the legacy of our country and its ideals.

We know that this can help improve the quality of life for all Americans, so we’re making this a priority for our students and our colleges.”

The new curriculum comes as Trump administration efforts to reshape college curricula have focused on teaching students how to read and write.

The White House announced plans last month to revise the Common Core State Standards of Education for public schools to include a new requirement that students read and understand at least 50 percent of the curriculum by the time they graduate.

The new Common Core Standards of Academic Achievement will be administered by the Department of Education.

In February, the Education Department said it would expand the scope of the Common Assessment Framework, or CAT, a set of assessments that teachers use to determine whether students are doing well on standardized tests.

The CAT, designed to provide a framework for measuring students’ performance on state-required standardized tests, is not yet in place.

The changes would be implemented in 2019, and the department has set a goal of using the new assessments to help teachers create student-centered curriculum for schools by 2020.

The proposed revisions are aimed at helping educators implement more of a “school-centered” approach to curriculum.

The move is part and parcel of the president’s push for more accountability, according to the College GOP.

“There is a growing body of research showing that accountability has a negative impact on students’ academic performance,” the College Republican said in a press release.

“If students don’t have a sense of who their teachers are and who they’re supposed to be, and they don’t feel empowered, they will be less likely to learn.”

Students will also have access to information about the Common Assessments, which are used by school districts across the country.


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