When the world’s first teacher of the year is named, it’s time to rethink how we teach students

In his keynote address at the 2017 World Educator of the Year Summit, a panel discussion in Los Angeles, Mark Twain was asked if the future of education should be focused on “learning the most” and “learning for the most.”

“The future of learning is learning the most,” Twain replied.

“This is not just a way to improve our understanding of what we do.

It’s a way of thinking about what we can do for people,” he said.

Twain said this type of thinking was at the heart of the education revolution of the 20th century.

In his own words:The World Educators Summit was held at the Beverly Hilton hotel on March 13, 2018.

Here’s a look at some of the most notable speakers and speakers.WEST VIRGINIA, VA.

— As we continue to push boundaries in education, we need to be mindful of the human consequences of the changes we make, Twain told attendees at the World Educer of the Month Summit.

We are now seeing the first of many new systems that are being designed to increase learning outcomes for all.

We are in a moment when the world is moving toward a world in which learning is the new normal.

The way we engage in learning is going to continue to be the most important thing in shaping our futures.

The World Teacher of the Day will be recognized with a plaque on the West Virginia campus of West Virginia University.

The keynote speaker, Mark C. Twain, who was named WVU’s 2018 World Educating Teacher of Year, was the recipient of the 2017 John A. Burns Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

The 2018 John A, Burns Prize is presented annually by the John A Burns Foundation.


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