CYSTs are among the most common chronic diseases affecting the elderly and the frail.

They can be painful, but they can also be deadly.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says they can be fatal in up to a quarter of patients.

And it’s not just elderly people.

There are some of the world’s youngest people too.

Dr Semino Rossi from the University of Wollongong in Western Australia has developed a revolutionary device to help treat cystic Fibrosis.

It is a breakthrough in cystic tissue therapy.

Semino and his team are using a new device to treat cysts.

It’s called the SeminoRossiVESICLE.

Semino Rossi and his lab have developed a new treatment that can remove cystic fibre from the cystic cyst.

They hope it could also be used to treat other types of cystic disease.

What is a cystic stem cell?

Cystic fibroids are fibrous, often hard and sticky, cysts that grow inside the lungs, liver, heart and brain.

They’re the most commonly fatal form of cyst disease in the world.

Symptoms of cysts can include fever, shortness of breath, cough, a hard, white spot on the skin or swelling of the eyes.

They often progress to cystic depression.

Cysts are very difficult to remove and, even after they’re removed, they can cause other types in the body to grow.

They grow over time, making the cyst more difficult to treat.

Professor Semino said the Seminos were looking to develop a new method to treat these cysts, which would not only remove cysts but also help to heal the cysts and their surrounding tissue.

The new device uses a special polymer that is highly stable.

It can be coated in an anti-inflammatory agent and injected into the cytic cyst to make the cysta less sticky and less likely to form a cyst in the first place.

There are other treatments that work to treat the cysted cysts by injecting a substance into the blood stream and then removing the cytoplasm from the blood.

But Semino’s new treatment uses a polymer that can be injected directly into the fluid in the cyster and is also more stable.

It has also been designed to be less invasive.

Why is this a breakthrough?

Professor Rossi said the polymer coating made it very difficult for the cystal to form in the process of removing it.

He said the device could also help treat other forms of cytic disease, such as diabetes and some cancers.

This technology is very promising, but Professor Rossi says it is still in its infancy.

Dr Rossi is working with other researchers to develop the technology and has received funding from the Australian Government to further develop it.

He is now working on further research.

More to come.


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