By Lisa O’Connor / The Sydney Morning Herald A watery solution to combat dry skin is coming to Australia.

It comes from the waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Watery seminal fluids are the result of a natural process of water absorption from the body’s own cells, which can make skin dry and oily.

“This is water that has been absorbed from the environment and is being absorbed by the skin cells of the skin, causing it to dry and become watery,” Dr Michael Leighton, an ophthalmologist at the University of Queensland, said.

“It has to be in the body in order for it to do that.”

Dr Leighton is not the only one to have found the watery fluid.

“People have reported seeing watery fluids on their skin, and we’ve even seen it in a patient who had skin lesions,” Dr Leightman said.

He said that while the water could be absorbed by some skin cells, other cells are more susceptible.

“There’s a difference between the cell membrane that protects the skin from external damage and the cells that actually produce the water, and the membranes that are able to allow the water to get into the cell,” he said.

Water-absorbing cells include those found in the eye and skin.

“[The watery substance] could be acting as a barrier to prevent the water from entering cells that are capable of producing water,” Dr O’Connell said.

While Dr Leong said the water was being absorbed into the body, the solution could be applied to any part of the body.

Watery seminal solutions can also be used as a moisturiser.

Dr Leighton said it could also be applied topically.

It has been tested in a number of studies.

While Dr Leo said it would be a “bad idea” to use it as a face mask, it could be used to help remove excess oil from the face, he said there was a possibility.

This article originally appeared in The Sydney Times.


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