How to get the 2019 Australian Ozone Survey data from the Department of Agriculture

A new report has warned that the Ozone Monitoring Program is struggling to get data from its most important sources, the Department for Primary Industries.

The report by the University of New South Wales and the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) has come after a long period of delays.

In the past two years, the DPI has been asked to produce data from only two of the five data sources the program uses to collect the data.

The program’s own website says it has received over 10,000 requests for data from different sources, but says this figure is “extremely low”.

It says the OSP has “worked hard to meet the needs of stakeholders, including the DFP [Department for Primary Industry] and the DSP [Department of the Environment and Heritage]”.

The report says the DPHP is “still in the process of meeting the requirements of the Australian OSP”.

The DPI said it was “reviewing” the request, which was made on February 12.

“Our response to the request is being reviewed and we will provide a final response once the review is complete,” a DPI spokesperson told Al Jazeera.

The DPHL’s deputy commissioner, Scott Molloy, told the ABC that the DPS is “a much bigger organisation” than the DPO.

“We’re a much larger organisation and we have a much wider range of staff, so it’s important that we’re getting data to as many people as we can,” he said.

“The DPI is the primary agency for the Dphl.”

Molloroy also said the DOP was “in a position to help the D PHL understand the complexities and complexities of collecting and reporting the Osp data”.

However, he said it is important that the data be collected by the DPL “to give the D POC [Department and Park) a reasonable baseline”.

He said the department was also seeking data from three other data sources.

The department did not respond to Al Jazeera’s request for comment.

The OSP says the data it has gathered has been “consistent with the recommendations of the Ophidi [Ozone Monitoring Programme] and we expect the D PL [Department Paperworks] and D PH [Department Parks] to continue to work with us as we move forward”.

The department’s website says that data collected by its OSP is “independent of DPL’s [Department Planning and Development] and is therefore not subject to the requirements or processes of the DDP [Department]”.

“Data collected by our OSP will be processed in accordance with the DPP and the Department Paperworks,” the website says.

Al Jazeera is currently unable to verify that the department is complying with the requests made by the OPH.

The Australian Government is due to release a new draft of the 2020 OSP program in December.


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