The Chinese government wants you to be a leader in the country.

And you’re going to have to know the right things.

For example, where to find a job, where you can live and where you should go, how to get started, how long you should stay and how much money you should make, says Zhang Hongjian, president of the China Business Leadership Academy, a Beijing-based business school.

It’s all part of the Chinese government’s campaign to attract businesspeople and build the country’s economy to the benefit of its citizens.

Here’s what you need to know.

The biggest problem in the Chinese economy is its lack of skilled workers, which has hampered growth for years.

The country’s government, by and large, is trying to fill that gap by offering high-paying jobs, including a chance to start a business.

It is a strategy that has had some success in the past.

For years, Chinese companies have made huge investments in research and development.

But these investments have not produced the results that the government is hoping.

China has one of the world’s most expensive health care systems, and the country is also suffering from a serious shortage of skilled labor.

The government says it needs to create 5 million new jobs a year by 2020 to ensure economic growth.

But its new plan is to recruit workers from outside the country and hire them in the service sector, which accounts for about 30% of the countrys work force.

China’s new policy to recruit and train Chinese is an attempt to fix its workforce.

Many experts say the government needs to give the new job hunters a chance.

“The government should help young people who are willing to put in a lot of effort and pay a lot more than others,” says Yang Hao, director of the Shanghai School of Business.

He points to the example of an unemployed Chinese who was hired by the state-run Chinese Construction Bank to help fix roads and other infrastructure projects in the city of Ningbo, where the government has built a large housing development.

“The government could do this to people who have the necessary skills, the right skills, and are willing and able to put it into practice,” he says.

At the same time, there are concerns about the new program.

It will not allow people to start their own businesses, for example, or get a loan to help them start one.

Some Chinese businesses are wary of the new system, fearing they will be forced to close.

For many, the hope is that the jobs created by the Chinese Business Leadership Academies will pay off, and they will build the next generation of leaders in the industry.

But it may be a risky move.

For starters, the new jobs could also be difficult to fill.

According to a survey by the Beijing Business Times, only 12% of job candidates who graduated from the academies had a bachelor’s degree, and only 1% had at least a high school diploma.

And there is concern that the program will only make China more dependent on outside countries for its workers, says Xu Fengxing, director for international relations at the Beijing Institute of Social Sciences.

China relies heavily on foreign aid, but it also depends on China’s domestic labor force.

So the future of the program is up in the air.

It’s not just about China.

It could have a ripple effect on the United States as well.

For one, China has been importing more than $600 billion in goods from the United Nations and other countries over the past decade, according to the Congressional Research Service.

That could mean that jobs could be lost as well, as countries that depend on China for their supply chains seek to diversify their economy.

Also, the jobs that the Chinese are offering are very low-paying.

Most of them will be temporary, meaning they won’t last for long.

And some jobs, like factory workers, will be in a low-skill field like machining.

The jobs that they do get are very dangerous.

China’s government wants to attract people who can handle these jobs, but the process could take years.

That could be a big problem for the American economy.

China imports a lot, and jobs are vital to its economy.

So if China is not able to hire more workers, the United, as well as other countries, will suffer.

There are two main reasons why it may not be a good idea for the Chinese to recruit Americans.

The first is that they don’t have the skills, or the interest, to do so.

Another reason is that there is no guarantee that the recruits will have the same job prospects as the Chinese who will ultimately become American workers.

In a 2015 survey, a Chinese government think tank said that more than half of all workers in the United State are foreigners, and more than 20% are of Asian descent.

That number could go up if the United Sates’ labor market becomes even more competitive.

That means that China


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