The Dublin Transport Authority (DTA) is hoping to have gender-negotiated buses in service by June.

Dublin City Council is currently planning a new €60 million bus route to coincide with the summer holidays.

It would include gender-sensitive seating, a gender neutral bus stop, and a gender-free car park.DTA says the buses will run from 10am on Monday and will operate until 10pm on Tuesday, July 15.

The company is keen to have the buses on the streets by the end of the year and is hoping that the first bus will arrive in Dublin in March 2018.

The DTA is also hoping to install a gender free car park at the end, which it hopes will be used to house female drivers.

The buses will cost €3,600 each, with a minimum of €150.

The €150 will go towards the cost of the car park, while the rest will go to the DTA.

Dartmouth University is one of the companies that will operate the buses.

It will offer a range of seating options, including women-only and women-and-boys-only, as well as male-only seating.

The bus service will be open on Mondays from 9am, but DTA says all buses will stop at 7am.

The new bus route is part of the city’s €1.8 billion transport programme, which aims to make the city safer and more accessible for all.

Dublins transport commissioner Mary Murphy says the project has the potential to be the world’s largest gender-specific bus project.

“Dublin has a long history of being a place where women are able to thrive, and I think we have to do a lot more to ensure that our young people and our families have the opportunities that they need,” Ms Murphy said.

“Our aim is to get the buses in Dublin up and running as soon as possible and I’m really excited about it.”


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