A senior Navy SEAL and his wife, retired Marine Brigadier General Lisa V. R. Osterberg, who served as the Pentagon’s assistant secretary of defense for security affairs, are preparing for a retirement seminar to discuss ways to prepare people for the next step of retirement: military retirement.

The seminar, entitled Retirement Seminar, is scheduled for June 9 at the Naval Sea Systems Command in Newport News, Virginia.

Osterberg was a Marine lieutenant commander in Vietnam.

She became assistant secretary for security at the Pentagon in April 2015, a position that gave her a key role in the planning and implementation of a number of initiatives to enhance the safety and security of the military.

“She is an expert in how to protect and enhance the security of our nation’s personnel and our military personnel,” said Osterburg in an interview.

“She’s very well-versed in how things work in this process and has a lot of experience.”

What she’s doing is very important for the Navy, and it’s a big part of our job.

“As a member of the U.S. Navy’s Joint Force Reconnaissance Command, she oversaw training exercises and the deployment of special forces to the Middle East and Africa, according to a statement.

Oterberg also served as assistant secretary in the Pentagon for operations and doctrine, a senior post within the Defense Department that oversees military training and development programs.

In recent years, the Navy has increased the frequency and scope of its retirement seminars, which last until early 2021, the military’s official retirement website said.

The Navy said in a statement that Osterbrooks retirement seminar would cover topics such as transitioning to retirement, transitioning from the military to civilian life, retiring from the service, transitioning to civilian employment, transitioning back to the military, transitioning through the military chain of command and transitioning to the civilian workplace.”

Our people will be trained to be prepared for retirement, and we will be able to provide them with the resources to succeed in the transition process.”


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