The world of technology is awash with billions of dollars worth of software, but it’s not all unicorns and venture capital.

It’s also dominated by big corporations, and the companies they own have a significant amount of control over what happens in the world.

Here’s a look at which companies are having the biggest effect on business activity and growth.


Amazon and Alibaba, Amazon and Microsoft,, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Payments, Amazon Prime, Amazon Studios, Amazon Video, Amazon Sling, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Fire, Amazon Ecommerce, Amazon Cloud Drive, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Photo, Amazon Music, Amazon Shopping, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Amazon Wunderlist, Amazon Play, Amazon Weather, Amazon, Inc. Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer.

It owns a broad portfolio of online and offline retailing products including video games, electronics, electronics accessories, books, music, and more.

Amazon has been around since 1998 and has more than 3,600 stores and more than 300,000 employees.

It has a $75 billion market cap.

Its revenue has more then tripled since 2008 and its profit more than tripled since 2011.

In 2017, Amazon made more than $50 billion in revenue.

Its market cap has more to $1.6 trillion.

Its chief executive, Jeff Bezos, is worth $75.6 billion.

The company’s founder and chief executive officer, Jeff P. Bezos, was a billionaire.


Google, Alphabet, Amazon Digital Media, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Amazon Fulfillment, Amazon Appstore, Google Play, YouTube, YouTube Red, YouTube TV, Tidal, Amazon Games, Amazon Search, Amazon Books, Amazon Student, Amazon Fitness, Amazon Pay, Amazon Smile, Amazon Restaurants, Amazon Shoppers, Amazon Health, Amazon Travel, Amazon Warehouse, Amazon Retail, Amazon Media, Netflix, Amazon Air, Amazon Photos, Amazon TV, Amazon Tiles, Amazon Toys, Amazon Movies, Amazon Vouchers, Amazon Pet Care, Amazon Maps, Amazon Electronics, Amazon Mobile, Amazon Kids, Amazon Car, Amazon Groceries, Amazon Home Appliances, Amazon Kitchen, Amazon Office, Amazon Camera, Amazon Phone, Amazon Teeth, Amazon Malls, Amazon Shoes, Amazon Wholesale, Amazon Stores, Amazon Garage, Amazon Gifts, Amazon Wireless, Amazon Shipping, Amazon Watch, Amazon Locker, Amazon Wearables, Amazon Pencil, Amazon Earphones, Amazon Cam, Amazon Pantry, Amazon Cameras, Amazon Glasses, Amazon Magazines, Amazon Apps, Amazon Learning, Amazon Labs, Amazon Social, Amazon Careers, Amazon Sports, Amazon Finance, Amazon Skills, Amazon Training, Amazon Transportation, Amazon Robotics, Amazon Xpress, Amazon Paws, Amazon Baby, Amazon Food, Amazon Cars, Amazon Gift Cards, Amazon Rewards, Amazon Trades, Amazon Bikes, Amazon Paintball, Amazon Clothing, Amazon Furniture, Amazon Accessories, Amazon Crafts, Amazon Jewelry, Best Buy, Amazon Cinema, Home Appliance, TV, Laptop, Movies, Video Games, Music, Bookstore, Radio, Toys, Cars, Baseball, Cards, Sports Card, Videos, DVD, Discount Card, Baidu Video, Bank of America Money, Barclays Cash, Barclays Bank, BankAmericard, BBS Cash, Bigelow Aerospace, Blimp, Boeing, Blue Origin, Boeing Space, Brown University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Business Insider, Brown College, Buckminster Fuller, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Buffalo Wild Wings, Canon, Crayola, CBS, Coca-Cola, Columbia, Columbia University, Comcast, Comcast Cable, CNN, CNBC, CNNMoney, CNBC Digital, CNBC Business Network, CNBC News, News, CNNTech, CNN Technology, CNNU, CNH-TV, Comedy Central, ComedySportz, CyberGhost, Cyber Monday, Cyber Tuesday, Cyber Wednesday, Cyber Thursday, Cyber Friday, Cyber Saturday, Cyber Sunday, CyberMonday, CyberTuesday, CyberWednesday, Cyberweek, CyberFriday, CyberSaturday, CyberSunday, CyberTuesdays, CyberThursdays, Dark Web, Daybreak, Digital Ocean, Dreamhost, Epson, Fujitsu, Ford, Fortune 500, Foxconn, Google, Google Fiber, G Suite, Google Cloud Platform, Google Drive, Google Health, Google Maps, Google Messenger, Google Movies, Google Music, Google Photos, Google News, Google Pixel, Google Photo Stream, Google Places, Google Plus, Google Quora, Google Web Search, Google TV, Google Wifi, Google Weather, Google Work


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