The GSD (graphics rendering) seminar, which is hosted by Microsoft and sponsored by the Society of Information Technology Engineers (SETX), has been on the books for years.

The conference will return to its current format this year, though its main focus will be on the presentation of work by GSD developers and users, and its attendees.

The program’s format is a series of sessions, each covering a different topic in the GDD pipeline, with a presentation delivered in a video or slide presentation.

In addition to the GSB (general purpose programming) section, the main focus of the GSS (general-purpose programming) session will be the topics covered by the GSR (software development and testing) section.

It is not yet clear how many sessions there will be, though Microsoft has hinted at several dozen.

This year’s GSD is scheduled for July 9-10 in Seattle, and it is the second major GSD since it began in 2011.

Microsoft is also looking to use the GSI (generalist software engineering) session as an opportunity to show off its cloud-based services and software engineering teams.

“The event will highlight some of the key areas of interest for the industry at large, including the future of GSS, the next steps in the delivery of cloud-native services, and how GSD will continue to shape the future,” Microsoft said in a blog post announcing the schedule.

GSS attendees will also receive a badge.

Microsoft says the GSE (general scientific engineering) and GSR sessions will be “open” to anyone interested.

The company also says that attendees will be able to “meet some of our team members” to “see how we’re all getting along.”

Microsoft also plans to have “a dedicated GSD panel that is focused on developing a new GSS platform, including new features for GSS.”

The Microsoft-sponsored GSS will take place on the Microsoft Campus at 1601 Westlake Street in Seattle.

The Microsoft Group, which also sponsors the conference, is also hosting the GSF (software engineering and science) session this year.

Microsoft’s participation in the Microsoft Group’s GSE and GSS sessions will not be contingent on the company’s decision to host a GSD, but it does say that “we look forward to collaborating with the community.”

“We have always been committed to the continued development of the Microsoft group, which continues to grow at a rapid pace,” Microsoft Group CEO Bill McBride wrote in a statement.

“We look forward with interest to continuing to help to bring GSS to the next level and beyond.”


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