BJJ seminars in China are becoming increasingly popular with the influx of younger people, and a number of popular brands are offering their own versions of the seminars.

In the past, bjj groups have offered seminars with limited resources, and the seminars have been mostly limited to a handful of people, often with their own training programs.

The seminars have also been offered in different venues in different cities.

In Shanghai, a seminar is offered at the Shanghai Institute of BJJ in Shanghai, which also has a studio and a large gymnasium.

In Guangzhou, a training session for a group of 15 was held at the Taichung Gymnasium, with a large outdoor area and the main entrance in a busy shopping district. 

In Guangdong, a large group of bjj instructors offered a seminar in the central district of Chongqing on April 25.

They were able to offer their own seminars and offer training to their students at their own gym.

In Hong Kong, the main city for the bjj in the mainland, a group was offered a training program for bjj students in a gym in the city’s eastern district of Mong Kok.

The gym also hosted a seminar for two days in December and April. 

One instructor from a Hong Kong-based company, which is offering its own bjj training programs, said that it was also offering a seminar with a small group of people in the western district of Kowloon, a major hub for the Chinese bjj community.

“We also plan to host a training camp for up to 50 students in the west of Hong Kong,” the instructor said. 

The company said that the training camp will be open only for those with a valid Chinese passport. 

“There is no limit on the number of participants, but we will only be able to host 20 students, so there will be a limited number of people allowed in the camp,” the company said in an email.

The instructor said that most of the training would be held in the company’s headquarters in Shenzhen, which hosts the main Chinese bj industry. 

China is a big market for bj.

The country has a large number of gyms and other sports venues.

The popularity of the sport has grown steadily in recent years, especially in the last few years, with the popularity of bj-style tournaments and competitions rising, with some companies offering events with thousands of participants. 

Chinese sports federations have also begun offering training programs for bjs in the past few years. 

Earlier this year, China’s top martial arts body, the CMB, announced a new initiative to promote the sport in schools.

In November, the government of Jiangsu province announced a 10-year plan to promote bjj, as well as offer other sports. 

According to the National Sports Commission, there are approximately 200 million people in China who are engaged in bjj. 

There are currently about 20,000 bjj gyms, according to the Beijing Olympic Committee. 

A total of 11,000 athletes are currently training in the Chinese martial arts, including athletes in jiu-jitsu, jiujitsu jiu jitsu, and karate, according the CGB. 

 This story was first published in Chinese by  The Diplomat.

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