Semina De Laurentis writes that if you’re going to quote someone, you should be able to capture their essence, so she suggests taking a quote from someone who’s “very well known for her style of writing”.

It sounds a little simplistic, but she’s got a point.

For instance, the quote below is a favourite quote by the Greek composer, Beethoven, from the 17th century.

It’s written by his son, Maximus Beethovitch, and was taken from his 1745 book, Die Sonne der Sonne.

“I know that the first word in the first line must be my own name, and that the second word must be the name of the country from which I was born, and so on,” Beethove wrote in his 1790 work, The Music of the Music of My Heart.

Beethow writes: “The whole of the sentence, however, must be composed by me.

If, however I write, as you say, in Latin, or in any other language, I have forgotten to add this, you must write it back again.

And then again, and again, until I forget.”

The quote below was a favourite by Beethop Beethoves son, so Seminas quote is pretty good, right?

Unfortunately, it’s been a long time since Beetholdt was alive, and the source of his name doesn’t appear to have been recorded in any of the Beethavets letters.

So we don’t have any great way of capturing this great quote.

What we do have is a selection of Beethornets famous quotes.

Here’s a selection from the Beetheres famous books: “When I write something, it doesn’t matter if it’s a letter, a speech, a poem, a novel or a piece of music.

I write it because I think it’s worth knowing.

It is what it is.”

– Beethrott, 1738.

“You can’t write poetry without a subject and an object.

A subject and object is the only way to describe a poem.

And a subject can’t exist without an object.”

– Joseph Conrad, “From a Room, in a Room” (1922).

“In my opinion, poetry can never be understood unless you’re in the room.”

– Thomas Pynchon, “I Am a Wallflower” (1992).

“It’s just a question of time and place.

How do we understand this?

By reading and absorbing the poetry.”

– Albert Camus, “The Human Condition” (1966).

“All poetry has to be translated into English.”

– Robert Rauschenberg, “L’avventura” (1963).

“I’m going to be reading this in the future.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche, “Nihil über alles” (1895).

“You have to write something.

Write it well.”

– William Blake, “Ode to Joy” (1769).

“Write it, because it will be beautiful.”

– George Bernard Shaw, “All That Heaven Allows” (1971).

“When you read a poem in English, there’s no time to think about what’s going on.

You’ve just got to write it.”

– Anthony Trollope, “Trollope’s The Great Gatsby” (1950).

“Writing is the art of reading.”

– Hermann Goering, “Mein Kampf” (2000).

“What I love is the difference between the words you write and the words I hear, the words that go up and down the spine of the mind, those words which I’ve heard so many times before.”

– Carl Sagan, “Cosmos” (1997).

“A poem is the most precious thing that I own.

I am writing it.”

— Stephen Hawking, “How Can You Explain?”


“There is a great poet who has a great voice, a great mind, a soul.”

– Pablo Picasso, “Swan Lake” (2007).

“Every poem is a dialogue between the soul and the heart.”

— James Joyce, “Ulysses”


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