The real President Donald Trump may be president but the man who has become his closest adviser and strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, remains at the White House.

In recent days, several high-ranking administration officials have discussed the possibility of stepping aside to allow Bannon to take over as the new chief of staff, according to people familiar with the discussions.

That was a key point in the Trump administration’s strategy for dealing with the president’s increasingly confrontational style, these people said, suggesting that Trump might try to do the same for Bannon.

But Bannon has never had a president who was willing to challenge him, they said.

As Bannon has gained control of the administration, he has sought to take his ideas to the White Street Journal, a magazine that has been at the center of a long-running feud with the administration.

In the early days of the Trump presidency, Bannon was a frequent guest on the Journal’s op-ed page, the people said.

Bannon has made his views on immigration, race relations and other topics known.

But he has also criticized the paper for failing to take a hard line against the president.

Bannon is also a frequent speaker at the Journal, and he has become a frequent visitor to the president at his White House residence, a longtime fixture that some in the administration consider an affront to the Trump family.

In response, the White Tower has been a place for Bannon to hold regular meetings with White House aides and the president, these administration officials said.

But it’s unclear if Bannon would be allowed to take the reins of the White the White and the Journal.

His critics, including Trump himself, have long derided Bannon as a white nationalist, but Bannon has consistently said he believes in the country’s founding principles and that he is opposed to the political correctness and correctness enforced by mainstream media outlets.

Bryan Cranston, who plays the title role on the hit HBO series “Westworld,” also wrote a book on Bannon, The Breach: The Rise and Fall of the Most Dangerous Man in America, in which he said he admired Bannon’s ability to “exploit the levers of power.”


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