MIAMI — The University of Miami’s new hep seminar is designed to help students better understand how hep has changed.

The first half of the seminar is set to start Tuesday, March 8, with a live webcast.

The first-of-its-kind program aims to give students a better understanding of the disease, said David Hwang, the dean of the College of Business, who is also the chief academic officer of the Miami College of Law.

The goal is to get students to be able to understand how they are connected to a patient, and also to understand what can be done to help them get better, he said.

This is the first time we’ve really started to teach the health care profession about this.

We’re really focused on the clinical side of the coin and the patient side, Hwang said.

We also wanted to get this to the people who are more connected to the clinical community, who are the ones who need to know what we’re talking about, he added.

Students in the first half will learn about hep, the drug that causes liver damage.

They’ll also learn about the liver and the liver disease that has been associated with the disease.

The second half of hep seminar begins on March 14 and will be taught by Dr. Robert H. Johnson, associate dean of undergraduate and graduate programs, who also is the director of the Health Center at the University Health System.

The third-half seminar, which begins on April 9, will be called, “Liver Cancer, The Role of Hep C and Hep C Resistance.”

It will be led by Dr., Michael A. Krasny, dean of medicine at the Mayo Clinic.

Krasny is a liver specialist and was the co-founder of HepC Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps people with liver disease and cancer.

The program will also include an overview of the different ways hep has evolved over the past 100 years.

The hep seminar will also address a range of other topics related to the liver.

Dr. Jeffrey B. Gee, director of clinical research at the National Institute on Aging, will present a presentation on how we are able to predict how much of a person’s liver we are going to see over time, he will say.

The presentation is the third of its kind from the liver center and the first in more than two decades.

Last year, the center created the HepC Program, which provides clinical services to people with hepatitis C. The liver center also created a HepC Registry, which allows students to find out if they have HepC, and if they are eligible for a treatment plan.

The registry is a part of the HepA program that helps patients with cirrhosis get treatment.

The UM Department of Public Health and the Miami Health Department also partnered on the program.

Hospitalizing patients is a growing trend, and the Hep C program will focus on that, Krasy said.

The HepC program is a collaboration between the University Medical Center, the Miami University Health Institute, and other universities, the UM Department, the Florida Department of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and health systems in Miami and in Florida, Krauskys said.

Dr. Steven G. Hodge, the chair of the Department of Medicine at the Miami School of Medicine, will also be on hand to answer questions.

The seminar is being sponsored by the Hep A Program.

Drink and drive are also key topics to talk about.

Students are going through a tough time, and alcohol is very important to them, he is going to say.

Students have to understand that alcohol has the potential to be harmful to your liver, and they need to take steps to keep themselves safe, he explained.

This program is really designed to be a resource to students and their families.

It’s not going to be something they just do in their own time, Hodge said.

They’re going to need to have a resource that is in their life that they can talk to other students about and be able talk to their family and friends.

This is really about being a resource for them, because this is not something that just happens in their lifetime, he stressed.

Drinking and driving are not just bad for you, but for the people around you, Dr. Brian W. Wieden, professor of medicine, told The Associated Press in an email.

Alcohol is a huge contributor to liver damage, and driving is a big contributor to accidents, Wiedesaid.

Students who drink and drive also get into more serious situations, and have a higher risk of getting a DUI, Wiesen said.

Students are expected to attend the seminars for about six weeks and then transfer to another program.

The liver center’s hep seminar and HepC registry will begin in 2019.

The UM College of Medicine and the UM Health System are developing a pilot program for a second-year hepatitis seminar.

The university plans to


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