How did we get to the point where the U.S. Supreme Court has to rule on an abortion bill

The Supreme Court may not be on the hook for paying for abortions, but there are other people who have to pay for them. 

In a case that is being heard by the Supreme Court today, the Supreme Courts ruling will determine whether the United States can legally require abortion clinics to get the consent of the patient before performing an abortion.

The court is hearing a case from an abortion provider named Kathy Johnson, who says she was coerced into an abortion by a family member who had a history of mental illness.

The clinic’s policy states that a patient is not required to receive a medical diagnosis, including a mental health diagnosis, prior to requesting an abortion, but Johnson claims that she was pressured into it, in part because she was having trouble keeping her job.

The patient was the daughter of the family’s pastor.

The ruling could have big implications for the viability of the anti-abortion movement, since the Supreme court has held that states can’t require women to undergo abortions in order to qualify for Medicaid.

The ruling would also have a significant impact on the women who have used the federal government’s healthcare program to access abortion services.

The Supreme Court’s ruling is also expected to open the door to states and states seeking to ban abortion altogether, but it could also make it easier for states to deny women access to their own healthcare programs, if they choose not to comply with the law.

The full court is expected to hear the case on Friday, but the justices have already decided that the issue of abortion in the United State is not “close enough” to the state to require a constitutional amendment to be passed. 

The abortion issue has been a contentious one in the nation’s capital since President Trump was elected in November.

The Supreme Warrent of the Court will determine how far the court goes in this case, but in a recent ruling, the court ruled that it would be unconstitutional for Congress to ban abortions.

While the court has not taken up the issue, the president has already vowed to try again, and if the court decides that Congress must ban abortion, it would have the ability to do so even if the president fails. 

Abortion rights activists have been hoping that the Supreme case could be the one that sends a strong message that the U,S.

government cannot force a woman to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term.

But this case is not about the rights of women, but rather the rights that the government has over a woman’s body, which is the same thing that the court is ruling on today.

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