The Chinkee Tan is not just for girls: China’s ‘golden girl’ has a new business

An economic miracle has come to the Chinkees, and they are not just being served a buffet.

They are being educated.

And the new Chinkee tan is for women, too.

The first women-only tanning salon has opened in China’s capital, Beijing.

Its new venture, The Gold Room, aims to transform Chinese girls’ image of themselves.

The new Chinkees have been waiting a long time for a shop like theirs.

Since the 1970s, women have rarely been allowed to work outside the home.

And it’s not just the girls who are getting into the business.

The business model has two pillars: a beauty salon and a beauty school, which offer women a place to learn, and then a salon that will teach them to use cosmetics.

But, of course, they are all equally important.

And, for the first time, women will be able to afford their own beauty salon.

This new business model was born in 2012 in Guangdong province.

Its founder, the Chinese journalist Zhou Jianhua, was inspired by the success of women-owned businesses in his home province of Henan.

Zhou said he was fascinated by the fact that the women were willing to work on their own time.

He thought the best way to change the image of women was to empower them.

Women have long been considered “soft” in Chinese society, Zhou said.

And he wanted to change that.

He founded the new business in 2013.

The first salon in China is opening its doors at the Golden Room in Beijing.

The Gold Room aims to provide women with a more positive image of their own skin, Zhou told Al Jazeera.

They can have their own private rooms and take classes to learn.

There will be cosmetics, facial treatments and haircuts, as well as beauty products, she said.

It’s a model similar to the one that has been implemented in Hong Kong.

And it’s been successful.

In 2013, The Chinkees were the first business in the world to offer free hair and makeup services to women.

That same year, they opened their first salon.

The salon was named after the first Chinkee to arrive in the city, and it was named the Gold Room in honor of the founder.

Since its opening, The Silver Room has also opened its doors to women, and now, The Green Room is also opening.

The Golden Room’s owner, Zhou, said he hopes the new models will encourage girls to do the same.

“For girls, if they can afford to pay for their own salon, they will be happy,” Zhou said in an interview.

“I hope we can get girls to pay.”

The Goldroom is the first in China.

It was opened by the founder, Zhou Jian, on November 6, 2013.

It opened its first salon on November 10, 2013, and was later sold to a family friend in April this year.

Zhou said the Golden Rooms aim to teach girls a lesson in confidence.

“Girls should be confident,” he said.

“They should be able use makeup and make up.

We will teach girls how to look and behave in their own way.”

The first woman-only shop in ChinaA lot of people have said it’s a dream come true for Zhou, but the new owners are not alone.

He has been working hard for a few years to raise awareness and popularity of the business model.

The owners say they are looking forward to a day when women will not need to pay a visit to their own hair salons.

“We are really excited about this new model,” said Zhou.

“We think it will change the whole image of beauty and help us in improving the health of the Chinese women.

We hope it will help them to become more confident and happy.”

For many women, the transition from the male-dominated world of beauty to a more female-friendly one is daunting.

Zhou and his team are hoping the model can change their perception of themselves, as they are still seen as being more attractive than their male counterparts.

“I hope this will change women’s perceptions,” Zhou told reporters.

“It will help us improve the health and well-being of Chinese women.”

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