A year ago, a small US pharmaceutical company called AstraZeneca was hoping to make a breakthrough in treating the flu pandemic.

Now, thanks to a massive US market that has been growing at the same rate as the pandemic, the company is poised to make some of the biggest bets in the drug market.

Here are five reasons why.

The first step in getting a drug approved is testing it.

Before an experimental drug can be tested, it has to be tested by people, to see if it works and how effective it is.

That’s how a drugmaker like Astra can see if its new product is safe and effective.

In the case of the flu vaccine, that’s how the company got the approval to make it.

But it’s also a big test for the vaccine itself, because a vaccine is the only way to prevent a pandemic from happening again.

The test is also the first step of getting a new drug approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The agency then gives the FDA the go-ahead to make the next generation of the vaccine, which would then be used by tens of millions of Americans.

The next step is to make sure the vaccine has been tested to be safe and has no side effects.

Then, the agency gives the final go-signal to the drugmaker to start manufacturing.

If that’s the case, the vaccine can be released in a year or two.

The most important part of that process is that it’s a trial.

This is the first big step in making a vaccine.

That makes the vaccine safe, but also gives the company the chance to see how it would work in the real world.

In this case, it means the vaccine might work in a hospital.

That way, it can help a patient who needs to get an injection for the flu.

The vaccine also helps the company keep costs down, because it’s not selling the drug for the cost of the injection itself.

That means a few more people will be receiving the vaccine.

The real goal is to get the vaccine approved.

In 2017, the FDA approved a vaccine for the influenza A virus.

But that’s not the only vaccine candidate in the pipeline.

Astra is currently working on a vaccine that would help prevent other infections, including dengue and yellow fever.

In 2018, the CDC is considering a vaccine to prevent the coronavirus, or whooping cough.

And there are also other vaccine candidates in the works.

But none of those products will become a reality until the government approves the first batch of the next-generation vaccine.

If approved, the first shot could be administered to anyone in the country, with no need for a doctor’s prescription.

There is also no risk for side effects, which could make the vaccine more effective than the first vaccine.

And Astra has said that the vaccine will have fewer side effects than the current flu vaccine.

It will also be cheaper to make.

AstvaZeneca, the parent company of Astra, made the first flu vaccine in 1999, which has been used by about 1.5 million people worldwide.

The company said it has had some success treating flu outbreaks, particularly in countries where the flu is relatively rare, such as China and India.

But those successes have come with some drawbacks.

There have been about 8,000 reported cases of the virus in the United States, compared with about 13,000 in Europe.

A recent study of more than 5,000 adults in the U.S. showed that flu shots do not protect against all flu strains.

For example, people who had received the flu shot in the first three months of the pandemics had about the same chance of getting the flu in the last three months, as they do now.

In some cases, people with the flu virus have been given flu shots that were given in the days after they developed the flu, which can raise their chances of contracting the virus.

Still, the safety of the vaccines has been well-established.

In 2010, the National Institutes of Health said the first generation of flu vaccine had “no serious safety concerns.”

The FDA also said in 2015 that the first-generation flu vaccine was safe and well-tolerated.

But the agency did find that flu vaccines should not be given to people who have recently had a flu shot, such that they have antibodies against the virus they received.

And last year, a study published in the journal Vaccine found that some people were at risk of contracting some strains of the influenza virus, including those that are resistant to the flu vaccines.

Some vaccines, such the panders, are now used in some countries to help people with severe respiratory illnesses.

But in the end, people will have to be vaccinated to protect themselves.

The best way to get vaccinated The US has a long history of using vaccines to protect against diseases.

In fact, there are many vaccines that were developed before the pandics, but were never used in the West because the


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