— A fresh look at the Berkeley campus shows why the city’s environmental community is struggling with how to address its air pollution crisis.

The city has an ambitious plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions to 70 percent below 1990 levels by 2030, and the university has a plan that is even more ambitious.

But for decades, the city has struggled to find solutions to its air quality problems and, in recent years, has faced criticism from its residents and its own state officials.

The mayor has pushed to raise the state cap on carbon dioxide from its current level of 18.6 parts per million to 30, and a federal study found the city would need to spend about $2 billion to meet that goal.

But the university is struggling on its own.

On Tuesday, the university announced it had found a solution that could help it meet its targets.

“I believe that the university will be able to do the same with its own carbon emissions reductions plan,” said Berkeley chancellor Nicholas Dirks.

As for the university, it has also been forced to defend its environmental record.

In 2015, Berkeley suspended classes at Berkeley’s main campus after its chief environmental officer was accused of sexual harassment.

Since then, the campus has taken measures to improve the quality of air and water and is making strides to clean up its landfills, and has been awarded $2.8 million from the city to buy back land that had been foreclosed on.

And the university recently won a $300 million contract with a Japanese company to build a $15 million solar power plant.

There are also concerns about how to best address the citywide problem of people living with asthma and other health problems.

Berkeley has been struggling with a chronic respiratory disease crisis for years, but the city now ranks fifth in the country in terms of the number of residents with asthma.

Residents say the city should be more aggressive in tackling pollution and improve the lives of residents who are most vulnerable, including older residents and people with disabilities.

It is also challenging for city officials to make policy recommendations that will benefit everyone in the city.

According to the city, about half of the city can be safely lived in under three square miles.

But in reality, the vast majority of Berkeley is outside that range, as the city and its city-county governments have been unable to agree on how to make up the gap.

For decades, city leaders have struggled to agree what kind of plan to put forward.

Many city leaders and residents have complained that the city is not doing enough to combat air pollution.

One of the most difficult problems, according to Berkeley officials, is finding the best way to make the city an environmental leader.

At the same time, there are signs that the new administration is starting to make changes to the way the city treats its environment, including new policies to help the city meet its goal of reducing greenhouse gas pollution.

Berkeley is not the only city facing the same challenge.

President Donald Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency, under a Trump administration that has taken aggressive action to combat climate change, has said that the EPA is working on a proposal to make cities more efficient in using energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The agency is also reviewing a proposal that Berkeley officials say would make it easier to buy land for wind and solar projects.

More: If you have questions about the air pollution that your family is breathing, you can call the Air Quality Office at (510) 862-6100.


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