Vitality’s first big announcement of 2017: It’s releasing its new album, The Vitality, on September 18.

It will be a huge, new record.

What does it mean for you and your health?

Read moreThe album is called The Vitalities, and it’s an ambitious, sprawling record.

It’s been in development for five years, and the title reflects the theme of the record.

In the record’s title it has been a series of experiments with various different types of fluid, including water, food, urine and feces.

The first time I was able to get on the record was when we were going through some of the stuff from the first album and we had to do some research and go back and forth with a lot of different things.

We tried to have a lot more variety of fluids because we wanted to create a lot different styles.

I had a very different vibe in the studio at the time.

I didn’t have a mixer, so I was experimenting a lot with the fluid that I was using in my studio and in the house.

It was a big, huge experiment.

It was a lot bigger than I realised.

I just realised I was a little bit more adventurous in terms of how I was going to use different fluids.

I was really lucky because it was just the first record, and I was just like, “Wow, this is going to be huge.”

We tried out so many different fluids and different sounds, and then we just came to the conclusion that we had the right mix for the album.

It sounded a lot better and we felt that it would be really cool to make an album like this.

So what is it about the album that’s special?

Well, there’s something about it that’s kind of unusual.

It just feels really fresh and fresh, and not a lot has changed at all since then.

We’ve got some really fresh, experimental sound and vibe, and there’s just so much that is different to anything else out there.

We have a whole new sound.

There’s a whole different style of music that’s coming out of the UK.

We were doing a couple of shows last year in Liverpool.

The whole UK is a little different.

We have a little more energy and a lot less noise and people are going to play with us a lot.

I think there’s so much more going on than what’s happening in the US and the UK, but we also have this kind of pop, indie vibe to the album, and we just feel like it’s so fresh.

I think the album is a great introduction for people who are new to the UK or just in the UK to be able to hear us and hear the sound of us.

There’s just a lot to it, and people really dig it.

I mean, it’s a bit of a big deal to be on this album.

I love the album and I love it.

We’ve been working on it for so long and have been thinking about it a lot, and now it’s just time for it to come out.

It feels good.

It sounds amazing, and everyone is really excited about it.

I don’t think there are any expectations at the moment.

It all comes down to whether we can get it out in time, whether it’s going to fit the time and the place, whether we’re going to get the right amount of time to do it.

But it’s really important to have this album out there and people should have the opportunity to see what we’ve got.

It should be really fun to play it live, to see all the different sounds and the different instruments that we’re using.

The Vitalities will be released via Vevo on September 15.


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