More than 100 NFL players have suffered major injuries in their careers, but most of those were preventable, according to the league’s Injury Research Center.

The league is taking steps to make sure it’s not the case for the next generation of players, and the next year-and-a-half of them, the researchers said in a study released Monday.

The injury research center’s study included nearly 300 players who played in the NFL from 2001 to 2017, and analyzed how much time they spent on the field, what injuries they sustained, and how long they were able to recover from those injuries.

The research center said it found that players who sustained significant injuries during their careers suffered an average of 10.8 days more than players who did not.

Injury research centers work to develop and promote programs that could help players recover from injuries.

They’re also part of the NFL’s injury prevention program, which has been successful in the past but needs more investment to reach its full potential.

The study focused on players who started their careers in the league in 2001 or later, but didn’t have a prior injury.

It was conducted between March and September of each year.

The researchers also looked at players who were retired or suspended from the NFL in the same year they sustained their injury, and then took a separate look at the players who retired or were suspended after that.

The team with the worst odds of recovering from an injury, according the study, was the Seattle Seahawks, who had the highest percentage of players who had a major injury in their career.

The researchers found that the players with the greatest injury rate had played in fewer than 25 percent of their teams’ games.

The Seahawks’ injury rate was the lowest, at about 10 percent.

A total of 39 players were classified as “slightly more than a year” from injury, or about a year and a half from a severe injury.

Only 15 had a season in which they were on the sideline for at least one game.

The other four teams in the top 10 for injured players, according, were the Indianapolis Colts (11), New Orleans Saints (11.6), Pittsburgh Steelers (11) and Dallas Cowboys (10).

There are still many factors to take into account, including a player’s position, position of the quarterback and the level of protection on the football field, the research center added.

A good example of how much of an impact an injury can have is the Dallas Cowboys, who are on track to be one of the most injury-prone teams in football, with 12 players classified as severely injured or severely hampered.

The team is the team that suffered the worst injury rate, with a career injury rate of 13.6 percent.


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