A look at the highlights from the 2018 podcast awards, where Australian producers and writers made a name for themselves.

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article It’s the podcasting equivalent of the Oscars – the big awards show that celebrates the best in Australian audio content.

So what is the Australian podcast award?

The award recognises the best of the best audio podcasts in Australia, as voted by the podcast listeners of the podcast category.

So if you’ve missed out on any of the awards, or just want to get in on the action, the award website has you covered.

The categories are: Best Podcast, Best New Podcast, New Podcasting Podcast, Excellence in Audio, Best Production, Best Music/Sound/Lighting, Best Sound Editing, Best Web Production, and Best Social Media/Media.

If you want to find out how to vote, you can do so by clicking on the podcast links at the top of the page.

Here’s a breakdown of what we’ve heard this year: Best Production The best audio podcast production, in our opinion, has to be the sound editing.

With such a high volume of audio, the editing of podcasts can be very time consuming.

If this is the case for you, this is a podcast that you can count on.

The sound editing is spot on for the award.

You can hear every word, every sentence, every clip and every scene.

There are no words, no sentences, just clips of clips of audio.

There’s no filler or filler characters, no superfluous audio or dialogue.

It’s just straight out audio.

This is a quality audio production that will stand the test of time.

Best Music The award for best music was handed out to the music of the year.

In the first three categories, the music was judged by an audience panel of the most experienced and experienced in the industry.

The winners are chosen by a panel of five music industry experts and nominated by their peers.

The best music is the best music of 2018.

It was produced by some of the industry’s best producers.

There were three of the four nominees, including the likes of Paul Dehner, Michaela Bohn and Daniel Kappelman.

The four nominees were nominated for the Best Music award, with Dehner being awarded for the Music of the Year, and Bohn being nominated for Best Original Score.

The music of this year’s awards is really outstanding.

We really think it’s a fantastic award to be given.

Best Sound Effects It’s another category in which the sound effects category was a huge success.

The producers of the 2018 award, the producers of last year’s, were nominated, with two producers winning each category.

The judges for the 2018 category were: The podcast producers of this award were nominated by an expert panel of audio and audio production industry experts.

The panel of producers included the podcast producers themselves, and had extensive experience with sound effects and audio mixing.

The final decision on the nominations was taken by a two-person jury.

It is clear that the podcast industry is making great strides towards delivering the quality sound that we all expect from the podcast.

Best Social Networks The awards for Best Social Network were handed out last year to those in the social networking industry.

This category includes podcasts, and the award was given to a podcast produced by the award winning podcast production company, Podomatic.

In a world of mobile and social media, podcasts are the way of the future.

We’ve seen the success of podcasts, especially when it comes to promoting the podcast, grow exponentially.

The podcast industry was also a strong winner, with a strong performance in the podcast categories, with the producers being nominated in the Best Podcast category and the Best Social Blogging category.

This year’s winners were the producers, including producer, Michael Sargent, who received the Best Productivity award, and producer, Dan Womack, who was nominated for Excellence in Sound Editing.

It seems that social media and podcasts are both going to be a big part of the growth of the Australian audio industry, and it seems that it’s going to keep on growing.

Best Web Experience The category for Best Web experience was handed down to a web production company in Australia.

This was a very well-received category for the podcast production industry, as it was one of the biggest categories in the category.

There was no doubt that the producers for this award, including podcaster, Josh Lenton, received a high mark in the categories of Best Production and Best Web Content.

This award was handed to Josh Linton, a well-known podcast producer who


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