With a range of seminars including advanced techniques and advanced knowledge, the National Association of Brew Educators (NABE) offers more than 1,200 seminars in its annual conference, The American Brewer’s Association (ABA) offers two seminars each year and the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) offers three seminars. 

With its latest seminar, NABE offers a seminar for experienced home brewers, the Homebrew Education & Research Institute (HEIRI) offers a tutorial and the Home Brew Show offers a discussion with brewers, among other topics. 

Each seminar will focus on topics such as brewing, equipment, ingredients, and more. 

The seminar for the intermediate brewer is designed to provide an overview of the brewing process and the importance of having a good batch every time. 

“For me, this seminar is really important because it gives me the opportunity to get to know the process better and learn about the process, so that I know exactly what I’m doing to brew my beer.

It’s a great seminar for someone who is new to brewing and is trying to learn how to brew well,” said Steve Zagato, an instructor at NABI’s Homebrew Center and a former student of Brewsy. 

It also helps if you are familiar with the process of home brewing, as some of the instructors will go into more depth on that subject. 

This is an excellent opportunity for brewers to learn about ingredients, their brewing methods and the brewing of beer, Zagatos said. 

One of the things that’s especially nice about this seminar, according to Zagatios, is that there are some resources available on the website. 

These include information on ingredients, equipment and how to make the right beer. 

While it may seem like a small amount, there are a number of resources on the site that are useful for brewers, he said.

“One of my favorite resources is the Home Brewing & Beer Education & Science (H&BES) website,” he said, referring to the H&Bers. 

 “It’s very informative and has a lot of information about home brewing and beer brewing.

The Home Brewing Institute, they have a lot on their website that are really helpful for home brewers.” 

 The seminar, which will run from Jan. 21-25, is open to homebrewers and homebrewers who are new to the process. 

For more information, visit the NABOe website at www.nabeco.com. 

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