An article by A. S. Sreenivasan.

“It was not only that students were able to do the maths homework but also the students were doing the maths at home and were getting good results.”

The study, which followed more than 5,000 students, said that, on average, students did about 1.4 hours of maths homework each week.

“This is a large and consistent trend that has been observed over the past three decades.

The students’ performance at this level has improved dramatically, and the overall performance of students has improved,” the study said.

The study did not identify the school or university, but said that it was possible that some were better at maths than others.

“The results of the study indicate that students at the lower end of the achievement spectrum perform better in this subject,” the report said.

“Students at the higher end of achievement, however, have been found to have lower average performance in this area.”

The report also noted that “while the results indicate that some schools are better than others in their mathematical abilities, the fact remains that they are still better than the general population in terms of performance in mathematics”.

It said that while the study was not able to distinguish between the schools with the best and worst maths students, it did indicate that the results of some schools may be “more or less representative of the general community”.

It added that it had not been able to find any schools with “an overall gap of 10% or more in achievement”.

Sreenivasam also said that there was a need to “ensure that teachers are properly equipped to teach the subject”.

“In this study, we have highlighted the fact that some teachers may not be well-equipped to teach mathematics,” he said.

The study also said “there is a need for the government to implement a comprehensive and well-structured curriculum on this subject” in all primary schools, primary colleges, and higher secondary schools.

The report said that the government had a long way to go in achieving this objective, but that it needed to do so “at the earliest”.


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