NEW YORK — The U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, which oversees the world’s largest educational, scientific and cultural institutions, filed a lawsuit Wednesday to block the state of California from implementing an effort to block illegal immigrants entering the United States.

The suit, filed in U.K. High Court, challenges California’s attempt to pass a bill to limit entry by illegal immigrants.

It said the bill would limit the number of places available for immigrants to enter and would have the effect of increasing the number and scope of “criminal alien entry” and “criminal illegal entry” into the U.A.S., a term that encompasses any illegal entry by a person into the country illegally.

California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra told The Associated Press that he will challenge the bill, and that he would fight it in court.

The bill, passed in May by the state legislature, would bar unauthorized immigrants from enrolling at California public universities, state-funded colleges and universities and the California Department of Corrections, where undocumented immigrants are housed.

The U.E.S.-U.N., a nonprofit organization that advocates for the rights of refugees, migrants and migrants, has argued that the bill is discriminatory because it bars foreign nationals from accessing the U.”s international education and outreach programs.

The UE.

E.-U and its affiliates argue that the UEPA is designed to benefit those most in need and to increase the number who enter the UE and the UOA through educational, economic, cultural and other activities.

The state of Hawaii also filed a similar lawsuit.

The Hawaii-based nonprofit Refugee Legal Assistance Project also sued the UEA in October on behalf of an undocumented immigrant who is being held in the UO.

The lawsuit alleges that the state’s immigration law does not protect the rights or interests of undocumented immigrants.

A spokesman for Becerras office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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