It’s hard to find a conference in 2017 that can match the buzz of the latest innovations and business-focused presentations.

We sat down with six top business leaders to find out how they tackle some of the key questions we asked them.

Read moreBusiness Insider/Sandra Schmid The conference started in the spring with three business-centric sessions, followed by a “big” panel that focused on the latest trends in business and technology.

 “Business is all about change, and that’s a big theme, and we want to create that change,” says Kevin Pritchard, cofounder of Silicon Valley venture capital firm KPCB.

“You need to be able to look at the big picture.

I think that’s the most important lesson of the conference: that you have to look across the board, and you need to look beyond yourself.”

Pritchard went on to explain that the big changes happening in business are about making things easier for the public.

For example, the emergence of a social media platform like Facebook is creating a need for “real-time data analysis and data sharing,” which means businesses can now create “trending content” that can be shared on the social network and get feedback from users.

This means companies can now track “hot trends” and make sure they aren’t being “overhyped.”

“It’s also about making business decisions faster,” says Pritchett, who has been an investor in social media companies like Snapchat and Twitter.

“We need to have more transparency.

We need to make sure our data is shared with the public as much as possible.

The way that we are using this data to help make business decisions is changing the way we think about it.”

Pricher says he’s optimistic about what’s to come.

“The most important thing that we can do now is make the business process as easy as possible,” he says.

“In the next few years, we’ll see a lot more companies embracing blockchain and using it in their business processes.”

In 2018, the conference was hosted in San Francisco by LinkedIn’s head of technology, Dan Fauci, and was moderated by CIO and CEO of tech giant Amazon Jeff Bezos.

The focus on blockchain is especially relevant given the massive popularity of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain-powered companies that have emerged.

The conference also included a talk by a former chief financial officer of Google, who said that the tech company is moving “from a technology company to a business-to-business organization.”

The conference’s focus on the future of business was also echoed by the head of IBM’s cloud division, David Sacks, who was on hand to speak about IBM’s vision for the future.

“The future is a lot bigger than we ever imagined,” says Sacks.

“What is going to be the future is much bigger than the technology we are today.”

The big business session was held in New York, where the conference brought together a slew of top executives.

“There was a real sense of urgency in our conversation about what the future will look like for business,” says Fauces keynote address.

Andrea Graziano, executive director of the New York Conference of Chief Executives, says she was excited by what she heard from executives and speakers at the conference.

“There was an enormous amount of passion and enthusiasm,” she says. 

“There were real ideas in there for how we’re going to create value in our industry, and I was impressed by the people who spoke about that.”

Graziano adds that she believes that the next wave of innovation in the business world will come from people who have never set foot in a conference before.

“That’s a great opportunity for business, and the technology is a great way to get to that next wave,” she tells Business Insider.

Read MorePritches comments are perhaps a bit harsh.

But he did offer some tips on how to be a successful business speaker. 

If you are the first person to give a talk, the other people are going to want to take it and do their best to listen to it, he says, adding that you need a “good voice” to do well.

He also encouraged people to have a “strong portfolio of skills” and “be flexible.”

“If you have a solid resume, be very selective in the places where you go to speak,” he said.

“I would say that if you don’t have a very solid portfolio, that’s not a good sign that you’re not going to do a good job of speaking.”

But it was hard not to notice that the keynote speaker at the 2018 conference, Marc Andreessen, was nowhere to be found. 

Pritchets speech to the conference didn’t go over well with Andreessen.

Pritchts comments to Business Insider seem to be based on Andreessen’s comments to the New Yorker in the wake of the


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